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What is GNS Fitness?

GNS Fitness was set up to bring high quality, affordable personal training environment to the general public. We are highly results orientated with a view to achieving the best possible results we can for each and every client.

About us

We are not into blowing our own trumpets as we believe our clients and their results speak for themselves. But we are into working people very hard, setting and achieving goals with clients, holding each person accountable for their results. We don’t believe that taking it easy and mollycoddling clients will get them anywhere so with that in mind if you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone and work hard for your results there is probably no point in you reading on. But if you do feel that you need that guidance and someone to push you to succeed then keep reading.

Why GNS Fitness?

Get In Shape Fitness is pretty much exactly ‘what it says on the tin’, in that we work with people to get them into the best possible shape they can be in, whether that is losing 3 stone or becoming a better athlete for your chosen sport. Most of our sessions are termed as group personal training – this means that there will usually be a maximum of 6 people working with one trainer so that you will get plenty of attention (all your sessions are completely supervised). You are getting all the benefits of personal training with the added benefits of a group dynamic, and at a fraction of the cost of normal personal training. We want to provide a training environment that you are comfortable in, that is friendly and professional but also one where you will be pushed hard with us striving to get the best out of you.

Benefits of training with GNS Fitness

We have a Personal training environment which means you get your own individual training program which along with a Group dynamic which has been shown to produce better results than one-to-one training. We assess everybody initially (Bodyfat, BMI, tape measurements etc) and set you specific goals/targets. We reassess every 1-2 weeks to ensure targets are being hit and new targets are being set. We assess your nutrition at present, we then recommend changes and give you a nutrition plan geared towards your goals. Prices are cheap in comparison to normal personal training and many fitness classes, with our sessions costing between €5.40 & €6.90 We consistently get very good results! We have an online booking system for easy scheduling of classes