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A common question we regularly get asked is what is the right macronutrient ratio for an individual. And the simple answer is that there is no right combination and that it’s a very individualised thing, with an abundance of variables to consider. We aren’t going to go into too much detail and will try to keep this relatively simple so that you have some good tangible takeaways that you can adopt into everyday life.

Firstly ask yourself if nutrition is made simpler and more fun, would that be more interesting for you? I think most of us would agree the answer would be yes. This leads us onto the most important aspect of macro ratios, that the only 2 things that really matter, as shown time and again in research, are calories and protein amount.

Protein and calories, getting these two right are the foundation for successful weight loss, and most importantly fat loss. And to be honest that fats and carbs don’t matter as much thereafter (will go into that a bit more further down). The first priority is setting a daily calorie target and keeping below that, if fat loss slows down then you may need to adjust this slightly, following on from there set your daily protein goal and very simply that is 1g protein for each pound you weigh or 2g of protein for each kilogram you weigh. And just work from there, be consistent and work hard. If you nail these then you are going to get good results.

Fats and carbs are important but depend on a lot of variables. How you are feeling, your sleep, performance during gym sessions, general energy levels plus so many more factors. If you are getting your calories and protein correct then have a play around with your fats & carbs, your still in a calorie deficit after all so you will still lose fat.

There is no right combination, it’s what ever works best for you.

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