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Name: Siobhan 

Weight Lost: 8lbs in first 7 weeks. Stopped tracking after that

Inches Lost: 18 inches total

One of the key issues that Siobhan faced was putting too much emphasis on the number on the scales. When the scales didn’t move for a few weeks, she was getting upset and frustrated. This is a very common issue that a lot of people can relate to.

Her mental block with the scales was actually blinding her from the amazing success she was achieving.

She needed a mindset shift and when she removed the scales, it was a massive eye-opener!

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Check Out What Siobhan Had To Say About Her Transformation Journey Below!

I had picked up some very bad habits over the last couple of years and with more time at home than ever before, I developed a really unhealthy relationship with food. I wanted to not just lose weight, but to learn more about how to control food cravings and get back my willpower that I had pretty much lost.

The accountability of the weekly check-ins is terrific.

Eoin has been such amazing support. The guys in the gym are brilliant too and they are constantly pushing me to go higher on weights or reps, and not to stay on the same level for long.

The biggest win for me was not on the scales, but to look back at the photos and see exactly how far I have come.

I was very hung up with the number on the scales. I am now seeing that weight is just one measurement; but the more important things like clothes, confidence, energy and lower stress are driving me on to keep going; not the number on the scales. 

For the first time in years, I’m now facing in the right direction.

I have shifted my mindset and focused on the smaller wins: food tracking, water, training and steps. All the half inches add up. If you’re like me and the numbers are not going down fast enough, hold tough – and keep going!”