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Can’t make it to the gym? No problem!


School run? Early morning work start? Here at GNS Fitness we have understand that not everyone can make one of our classes and with this in mind we’ve designed our very special GNS Liftoff program. It’s so special it even has it’s very own website! Click on the link below and see how our Online Training program can help you achieve your goals!


[dt_sc_button type=”type1″ iconstyle=”no-icon” icon=”fa-home” htext=”Next Program starting September 1st!” link=”http://gnsliftoff.com/” size=”large” animation=”” bgcolor=”#1e73be” variation=”” textcolor=”” target=”_self” class=””]Click here for GNS Liftoff![/dt_sc_button][/dt_sc_one_column][dt_sc_two_third first][/dt_sc_two_third]