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Sometimes people make weight loss too complicated, when in fact it shouldn’t be. For successful long term results adapt so positive habits into your lifestyle, habits like the ones below are simple to integrate i to your lifestyle and therefore easier to maintain, and most importantly they burn lots of calories

  1. Set a daily steps target and make sure you hit this target daily, every single day. Aim for 10,000 see how you get on
  2. Get a quick 10-15 min HIT workout done somewhere across the day, don’t use lack of time as an excuse. We have loads on our Instagram feed
  3. If taking phone calls, or meeting a friend why not walk around and don’t just sit down for the duration
  4. Walk that 10-15 mins to the shop instead of taking the car, think steps steps steps
  5. Stay hydrated, the clearer your urine colour the more hydrated you are, likewise the darker the less hydrated you are
  6. Record everything in a food diary or use Shape My Plan to educate yourself on portion sizes & calories

The crucial thing is that these are easy to integrate so lets get to it!

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