• Welcome to GNS Fitness

    Personal Training Specialists

  • Welcome to GNS Fitness

    Personal Training Specialists

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GNS Fitness was set up to bring high quality, affordable personal training environment to the general public. Based in multiple locations in Dublin and Kildare. we are highly results orientated with a view to achieving the best possible results we can for each and every client.

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2 days ago

GNS Fitness

Core & Flexibility stretching session for you all from Kate. Please note all videos are sped up so when doing them go slow and controlled. Doing each exercise for 30sec

1️⃣ Worlds greatest stretch (30secs each side)
2️⃣ Saw plank
3️⃣ Walk outs to Swan dive (3 in 30secs)
4️⃣ Side crunch with leg raise (30secs each side)
5️⃣ Mountain climbers

Do 3 rounds, takes less than 15mins so you can easily fit it in 👍

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