• Welcome to GNS Fitness

    Personal Training Specialists

  • Welcome to GNS Fitness

    Personal Training Specialists

About GNS

GNS Fitness was set up to bring high quality, affordable personal training environment to the general public. Based in multiple locations in Dublin and Kildare. we are highly results orientated with a view to achieving the best possible results we can for each and every client.

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2 days ago

GNS Fitness

Whilst we always preach relaxing a bit at the weekend we never ever say to completely forget your goals at the weekend. An example being someone that’s overweight, yes for sure relax a bit with the food, have the craic with your friends but at the same time don’t consume 50,000 bloody calories! And yes you should be active as well, including hitting the gym at the weekend. This is food for thought for you guys who neglected your goals this weekend and will be upset by your lack of results or progress this week #goals #2019goals #weightloss #fatloss #gnsfitness #caloriedeficit #fitness ...

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GNS Fitness leads the fitness industry in Dublin and the surrounding counties when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals. We have use personal training plans along with supervised group sessions to achieve our goals. We’re also specialist in Corporate Wellness and now offer Pilates classes!

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